Get to know Lowen’s Natural Skin Care

We carry Lowen’s Natural Skin Care because of their dedication to creating skincare products sourced locally. Understanding the ingredients that benefit the skin takes a lot of trial and error. Chad the owner and producer of Lowen’s Natural Skincare has put in the time and effort to creating a line to only benefit you.
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6 Major things that Might Cause you to Breakout

We would all like to believe we are creatures of habit. But unfortunately in this day and age we are creatures that are moving 100 km/h. Creatures that absorb our surroundings through our senses the major one being, touch. Continue reading “6 Major things that Might Cause you to Breakout”

2017 Skin Care Trends

First and foremost 2016 was filled with a number of skin care trends. There has been many attempts to uplift the skin and fight the sands of time and protect the skin from acne causing bacteria. Equally many skin care professionals are constantly revolutionizing the traditional methods of skin care. Granted 2016 was using indulgent face masks and cosmetic props to aid in fighting oily skin whilst maintaining hydration. Not to say these products weren’t eventful we are anxious to see products will come up next. Continue reading “2017 Skin Care Trends”

When did you wash your Make-Up Brush Last?

If you’re committed to your skincare routine and follow with a make-up routine would it be too forward to ask when was the last time you washed your make-up brush? Not to gross you out but bacteria live off of your brushes. Many a times many women don’t realize that not cleaning your brushes regularly is what’s causing your break outs.  Continue reading “When did you wash your Make-Up Brush Last?”